Nicole by O∙P∙I sent me a set of mini polishes called “Celeb-Bitties” from their new line, Kardashian Kolor. Don’t worry, the reviews are almost done! Okay, so this set includes four colors called All Kendall-ed Up, Kim-pletely in Love, Sealed with a Kris, and Wear Something Spar-Kylie. They’re all ⅛Fl.Oz. each. Like my other review, I did on color for each nail. Here’s my reiview:

*I applied two coats of each color

All Kendall-ed Up: This color is a bright bubblegum pink. One coat covers fully and is completely opaque. Two coats just enhances the color a little bit. Each coat dries shiny and very quickly.

Kim-pletely in Love: This color is a sheer blue-ish light shimmery pink. I think with one coat it would be nice to use in a French manicure. Since it’s a sheer color, you can still see the nail underneath two coats. Each coat dries quickly, and fairly shiny.

Sealed with a Kris: This color is a deep red, a bit like red velvet cake. Two coats covers completely, but I think three coats would make it a tiny bit darker. Each coat dries quickly, and each coat is shiny.

Wear Something Spar-Kylie: This color is a sparkly melon pink. Two coats cover completely. Despite being a glitter polish, each coat dries fairly smooth. A topcoat would be needed in order for the coats to become smoother and shinier. Each coat dries very quickly.

All of the nail polishes are a good consistency (not too thin, not too thick). Each color has really good coverage! This set of mini polishes is USD$12.00 and is and is Formaldehyde, DBP & Toluene Free.

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